‘Rage’ Celebrates 25 Years On The Air – April 2, 2012 10.20pm ABC With A Silver Jubilee!

If you were anything like me, dear God I hope you weren’t cause if you were then that would mean that there would be more than one unbelievably awesome Smurflike human out here, Saturday nights when you were a teenager meant hanging at home – watching The Late Show and then hanging around to watch RAGE – that late night till early morning music video clip festarama that you’d pass out on the couch to. Well thats what I did anyway. So RAGE is turning 25 this year and the ABC are celebrating!

This from the guys at Throng.com.au

To mark this significant milestone, the legendary Tim Rogers from You Am I will take viewers through a quarter-century’s worth of rage – from the most unforgettable guest programmers and their music videos selections, to special rage memories from prominent musos and well-known Aussies including Peter Garrett, Sarah Blasko, Kram from Spiderbait, Children Collide, Temper Trap, Chris Taylor from The Chaser, The Jezabels, Quan from Regurgitator, The Grates, and Zan Rowe and The Doctor from triple j.

During the lead-up to the Silver Jubilee, rage has been asking its viewers to record and upload their own version of rage’s iconic scream to twitter and tagging them with #screamwithrage.

The most entertaining and crazy screams will feature throughout the Silver Jubilee show. And on the birthday night, rage will invite viewers to join in the celebration by hosting their own ‘Maintain the rage’ all-night viewingparties.

rage will ask viewers to upload their own party pics and videos to the rage facebook page (facebook.com/rageabc) or twitter (@rageabc) and the best party will WIN a piece of rage history – the iconic rage RED COUCH!

 full article here: http://www.throng.com.au/rage/rage-celebrates-25-years-silver-jubilee