New Trailer – The Double Hour

Sonia and Guido might be the two loneliest people in the Italian city of Turin. A penniless maid and a chilly ex-cop, they each go about their daily routines like ghosts, both tormented by mistakes and loss from their individual pasts, unable to move forward with their lives in any meaningful way. But when the two meet for the first time in the grimmest of settings—a schmaltzy speed dating event—wary flirtation blooms into desperate passion. Only a single, shocking incident—an ill-timed robbery—threatens to destroy the salvation that Sonia and Guido so quickly find in each other. THE DOUBLE HOUR is at once a stark romance, a touching, psychological thriller and a story about possibilities. La doppia ora: A second chance, a magical moment when a person makes a wish, hoping against hope for a better life, for love, for redemption. But is wishing, as Guido suggests, only a game?


Winner, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Italian Film, Venice International Film Festival
Official Selection, Toronto International Film Festival