Another 80’s Horror Flick Set For A Reboot – Welcome Back ‘Silent Night, Deadly Night’

Good old Anchor Bay, keeping the B-Grade and genre pics alive – that’s not sarcasm, I’m actually applauding them – just 2 days ago they picked up Snoop Doggs stoner high school comedy and now, as Variety ave reported, they’ve bought the rights to SILENT NIGHT, a re-imagining of the 1984 horror flick SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT. The original, about a boy who goes on a rampage dressed as Santa Clause after being tormented by a nun at the orphanage he lives in after his parents brutal murder (yes that was a mouthful to write too), was a small genre hit for Tri Star Pictures back in the day. And who wouldn’t be happy to see Santa wielding an axe at people?

THE AGGRESSION SCALE director Steven C. Miller is on board to direct the film (Check out The Aggression Scale trailer here: and Malcolm McDowell is on board to star.

More soon as this project develops!