Halloween Franchise Getting Another Reboot From Platinum Dunes

PLATINUM DUNES, Michael Bay’s genre production company that ‘rebooted’ The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, ‘regurgitated’ Friday The 13th and ‘ruined’ A Nightmare On Elm Street, have now got their blood saturated mits on the HALLOWEEN franchise. After HALLOWEEN 3D got shelved a few weeks back and the lack lustre performance of Rob Zombies reboot sequel Halloween 2 – it seemed certain that Michael Myers was destined for the long dirt nap he so richly deserved. (Mind you I watched Halloween H20 the other night – what a shitbag of a movie that was – but you MUST SEE the original – it is f a b u l o u s)

I’m convinced that PLATINUM DUNES has it in them to deliver a film that is both honouring and expanding its source to a new audience. I wonder, though, is CRITTERS on their radar?