Aza’s 2 Line Review – Mirror Mirror – … On The Wall, Why Did You Do This To Us? A Missed Opportunity To Make Something Great

Okay I accept that this film is not made for me, I accept that yes I think Julia Roberts needs to pay for EAT PRAY LOVE, I accept that kicking the shit out of this does nobody any good so I not really going to. But what I can’t accept that on an $85m estimated budget (without marketing) any studio would let Tarsem Singh direct their film.

The whole idea of a farcical, visually spectacular update of Snow White is a cool one – I dig it – (and man does SNOW WHITE & THE HUNTSMAN look like the most kick ass flick of the year outside THE DARK KNIGHT RISES) and the tale was due to be dusted off. They’ve got a cast – Ghoulia Flubberts, Armie Hammer, Nathan Lane etc so there’s talent abound the project but the failure of this film is that of the man who helmed it – Tarsem Singh.

Much like every other film he’s directed (The Cell, Immortals), the guy has no idea how to set tone or direct story telling. The whole movie is a repetitive sequence of jarring shifts between overdressed sets, under developed CGI, crazily incoherent tonal segues and misunderstood direction. That it so deftly jumps between trying to knock off Tim Burton and the Myer Windows at Christmas, the whole “fun” of the film falls flat when scene after scene has no cohesive narrative strength behind it.

For the non discerning 8-15 year old female that this is targeted to, sure they’ll be dazzled by some nice costuming but there’s nothing much to rave about other than that. The film is not unwatchable by any stretch, it’s just so disappointing that it could’ve been SO SO SO much more in someone else’s capable hands.

MIRROR MIRROR is currently in release in AUSTRALIA

Oh and just because I can’t help myself – Julia Roberts is awful in this as well.