Aza’s 2 Line Review – All Star Superman – A Pedestrian Entry In To Warner DC Animation Catalogue. Interesting Premise Hammily Done.

I have to admit that Superman is my least favourite of the DC characters, it’s not that I dislike him, it’s just that being he’s pretty much invincible and therefore any jeopardy threat really doesn’t add up to much. So with the ongoing saga of films and cartoons it essentially becomes the same plot everytime – kill Superman.

ALL STAR SUPERMAN adds an interesting twist to it by basically giving him radiation poisoning from the surface of the sun so that his cells are burning up. Its a novel idea, concocted by Lex Luthor (who is much more of a physical presence in this), as Superman rescues a botched mission to that burning ball of fire. Having to face the daunting fact that he is dying and Luther is genetically manipulating people into monsters – there’s a lot of fodder here for storytelling.

Unfortunately it’s at this juncture that the show falls apart – instead of keeping it tense and intriguing, the show inserts a sub plot of Lois Lane getting to have Superman’s powers for one day as a birthday gift. During this time we learn of Superman’s fortress and how hard he is finding it to tell Lois of his terminal condition (yawn). It’s all done very stoically and righteously but lacks any sort of flare that the Batman, Justice League, Wonder Woman or even Green Lantern animations have.

This is all really pedestrian stuff with bad dialogue and wonky voice work. Animation is still top notch though but this is definitely a lesser entry into the DC Animation canon.