‘Speeding Bullet’ Script Gets Nabbed By Universal – The Return Of Die ‘Hard’ Style Action!

Nick Palmer and Jeremiah Friedmans script SPEEDING BULLET, which is listed as a buddy cop action thriller in the vein of DIE HARD, has been bought by Universal Pictures to make into a film. It was a hot property script with Paramount also circling the project.  Universal is becoming the strongest home for big screen action with their collateral in franchises and box office hits of late proving it РTHE BOURNE IDENTITY, FAST & THE FURIOUS, BATTLESHIP, CONTRABAND and SAFE HOUSE all big ticket cinema experiences.

WHITE HOUSE DOWN, another actioner described as DIE HARD in the White House, was sold to Sony Pictures last week for development into a feature so kids – we’re headed back into action territory! Bring it on. WHITE HOUSE DOWN was written by James Vanderbilt (The Amazing Spider-Man). Deadline reports the spec script sold for near on $3m. Vanderbilt is currently working on THE BODYGUARD reboot at Warner Bros.