Robert Redford To Relive The Watergate Scandal With A 2 Hour Documentary “All The President’s Men Revisited”

Robert Redford and the Discovery Channel are teaming up to deliver a 2 hour documentary that covers the Watergate scandal the toppled the Nixon administration in 1972.

Redford starred as journalist Bob Woodward (my favourite political journalist) alongside Dustin Hoffman’s Carl Bernstein in the 1976 Alan J Pakula film ALL THE PRESIDENT’S MEN. The film is frakkin’ awesome – you should see it.

The New York Times Brian Stelter has reported that

Rarely does reality intersect with role playing the way it did two Sundays ago in Bob Woodward’s living room.

Meeting him there were Carl Bernstein, his writing partner at The Washington Post during the Watergate scandal in the 1970s; Ben Bradlee, their top editor at the time; and Robert Redford, the actor who played Mr. Woodward

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The new documentary would not be a documented retelling of the 1976 but a new examination looking at new evidence and the impact of the scandal on modern politics and journalism.