Leisure Suit Larry In The Land Of The Lounge Lizards Reloaded – Yes Larry Is Returning To Games!

Its been a long time since LEISURE SUIT LARRY disgraced himself on PCs but his legacy is something of legend. Telling the disastrous exploits of Larry Laffer, a middle aged nobody desperately trying to lose his virginity, the original was a worldwide smash for gamers and it’s following 4 sequels were a testament to its enduring popularity. This was all during the late 80’s and 90’s – times changed and people moved on.

When console gaming took off and along came tablets and smartphones over the past decade, Al Jones – creator of Larry, had decided it was time to revive the dormant franchise and reboot the original for todays players.

LEISURE SUIT LARRY IN THE LAND OF THE LOUNGE LIZARDS RELOADED is the gaming reboot of the first entry. Stylistically keeping with the originals format, the game has been polished up without losing any of its tongue in cheek or risque humour.

If you had a PC back in the day there’s no doubt that you played this game, or one of its sequels, at some point.

So fellas dust of your dinner jackets and ladies slip on your resentment towards men and get ready to go back to Leisure Suit Larry land as he returns for PC, Tablets and smartphones this october.