Adam Sandler Looking To Remake ‘Summer School’

Cast your minds back to 1987. Kirstie Alley was a superstar. Mark Harmon was a man on the make. Sundrenched Californian Beaches littered the silver screen and Carl Reiner directed the comedy SUMMER SCHOOL.

Fast forward 25 years later and its been said that HAPPY MADISON, Adam Sandlers production company, is signing up the reboot of the film. No word as to whether Sandler will star himself, he’s attached to several productions at the moment, but the project is out to writers to redevelop the script.

Indiewire’s Kevin Jagernauth has made an interesting suggestion:

‘..turn the concept into a sequel for “Billy Madison” titled “Mr. Madison” where in an ironic twist of fate, he’s now a teacher! Go ahead and use it Sandler, just be sure to send us the royalty cheques.’

Kevin, that’s brilliant and that’s exactly what they should do!