New Trailer – A Simple Life (Andy Lau & Tsui Hark)

A Simple Life trailer starring Andy Lau, and guest star Tsui Hark. Also for the 1st time in 23 years, sees Andy Lau’s godmother, Deanie Ip, and himself together again on the silver screen.
Directed by Ann Hui (All About Love, The Way We Are, Night and Fog, Ordinary Heroes).
This film is based on a true story, about a nanny (Ip) who has served as a nanny and servant to theLeung family for four generations. She takes care of Roger (Andy Lau), whom is a film producer in Hong Kong, and the only member of Leung family left. Roger comes home from work one night, to see Tao laying on the floor unconscious from a stroke. When she recovers, she decides to retire and move to a nursing home as she feels she has become a burden, but to her suprise, Roger continues to show up everyday and to help her as she has him his whole life. – uberbadassguy69