Australian Films – A Look Back on 2009 – 2012

Over the coming weeks The Lowdown Under will be analysing Australian Films and their performance in our home land. Australia, quite unlike many other countries, has a very checkered past with the performance of its domestic product and it’s time to take stock, have a look and see what we can see from the times and films we’ve released. Check out this gallery of Aussie film posters from the last couple of years – How many of them have you seen? How many of them would you want to see?

My personal view on this industry, which I love and am disgraceful passionate about, is that we continue to make films that don’t cater to our people – occasionally we hit the right chord and get stellar successes like TOMORROW WHEN THE WAR BEGAN, HAPPY FEET, AUSTRALIA, THE DISH etc but more often than not we tend to make films to appease niche market over mass market and it’s time to find out why!