The Hunger Games Smashes Opening Weekend Box Office Records!

There was no question that THE HUNGER GAMES was going to open strong everywhere but to rake in circa US$215m on its opening weekend worldwide is an extraordinary achievement!

UNITED STATES – $155m opening weekend

  • Outgrossed the opening weekend of any Twilight entry
  • Single highest grossing non sequel opening weekend ever
  • 3rd highest opening weekend ever
  • Highest March opening ever
  • Highest Single opening box office day non sequel ($68m friday)

AUSTRALIA – $9.3m opening weekend

  • #22 in the highest grossing opening 4 day weekends ever in Australia. (The only non sequel to feature in the top 20 is Avatar)
  • 2nd highest March opening weekend gross behind 2010’s Alice In Wonderland ($10.4m)
  • Box office is in line with IRON MAN 2 ($25m) and INDIANA JONES & THE CRYSTAL SKULL ($29m) – you’re looking at an Aussie gross of $28-$30m for THE HUNGER GAMES – KABOOM!!!
Another fantastic result – and a perfect example of counter programming – was FOX’s release of THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL in Australia raking in $3.6m at the box office for its opening weekend. This older market, broad appeal comedy has really forged its place on the box office ladder @ #2 behind THE HUNGER GAMES.
In consideration of the sensational media presence that Roadshow Films put on THE HUNGER GAMES (What a campaign!), to get $3.6m worth of box office cut through for HOTEL is a nod to the team at FOX for getting the word out on their film. Who wins? Everybody!