James Cameron Dive To The Deepest Point In The Ocean A Success

@DeepChallenge, the Twitter page for Cameron’s National Geographic sponsored sub, tweeted “@JimCameron is the first person in history to solo dive to the deepest place on Earth, a record 35,756ft/10,898m” — not quite 7 miles down.” – Deadline.com

Yes the king of the box office (you can ask him that, he’ll tell you himself) has just nabbed the king of the ocean title too.

This from the deadline team:

Cameron, who is National Geographic’s Explorer in Residence, returned to Twitter after almost a year hiatus on March 25, 2012. “I only tweet when I have something worth saying. Today is the culmination of a 7 yr project. It’s finally dive day. Follow us,” he wrote. Cameron began the dive in early Sunday morning just southwest of Guam in a specially constructed 12-ton submarine to go down to the bottom of the massive Mariana Trench. Collecting samples, the Oscar winning director is scheduled to spend about 6 hours down the bottom of the trench. It’ll take the Deepsea Challenger submarine, which is outfitted with four deep-ocean HD cameras, about 75 minutes to return Cameron to the surface.

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