Aza’s 2 Line Review – Justice League: Doom – Affecting, Tough, Intelligent & Ballsy. A Feather In The Cap Of DC/WP Animation – Check It Out!

This is a really adult cartoon, it’s tough, nicely animated and surprisingly intelligent for DC’s alternative to Marvel’s The Avengers. I think a lot of credit has to go to Christopher Nolan and his Batman trilogy for legitimising comic book characters and allowing the real stories of the source material to remain grown up.

The premise is simple: A newly formed faction called the League of Doom have found out all the weaknesses of the members of the Justice League are exploiting them in a plot to destory Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Cyborg et al so they can engage their ultimate goal – global annihilation.

What ensues is an extremely tough, violent, psychologically intense battle between good and evil that escalates both in geographical and emotional intensity. This story asks a lot of fundamental questions about trust, power, perceptions of good, perceptions of evil and understanding human nature. All that wrapped up in a kick ass comic book actioner that the fans will love.

I was really impressed by this and the knock out final scene which shows you just how smart the writing is becoming.

Don’t dismiss this as another cartoon – JUSTICE LEAGUE: DOOM – is a smart and very adult entertainment and is a feather in the cap for DC / WP animation.