New Droolfest Film Greenlit – Megan Fox & Zoe Saldana To Star In Heist Thriller ‘Swindle’

….and they are even producing the film!

Look let’s be honest this could’ve gone into an update post but hey, let’s give it up for da ladies. It also means I can put a pic up of Megan Fox – this is a totally self serving post. (fyi I know you can’t see me but I bear a striking resemblance to Megan Fox)

Paramount bought the script with Fox, Saldana and producer Michael De Luca attached to it but as yet there is no word on the story other than its an action heist thriller.

I’m thinking there’ll be lots of skimpy clothing, lots of pouting, lots of girl ass kickery (I like writing that… ass kickery) and something resembling Catherine Zeta Jones in ENTRAPMENT.

Fellas & Ladies – set your phasers to DROOL…..