3D The Cat In The Hat Animated Film To Happen At Illumination Entertainment

Dr Suess is hot hot property. The recent Universal release THE LORAX, which is nothing short of a box office smash, cements not only the brand of Dr Suess but also of Illumination Entertainment (Despicable Me, The Lorax). So when something is this good, keep that puppy going!!!

In even better news Illumination is kicking off its next Suess project in THE CAT IN THE HAT, probably the most beloved of all the Suess novels, and it’s getting the 3d animation treatment.

DR SUESS’ THE CAT IN THE HAT was made into a live action film in 2003 starring Mike Myers and was universally panned for being nothing like the source material.

It was also a made for TV cartoon back in 1971. You can watch the opening sequence here!

But you know, it’s a cat…. in a hat… and that’s that!