Has ‘Arthur & Lancelot’ Been Revived At Warner Bros? Colin Farrell Sought For Lead?

ARTHUR & LANCELOT, the $2m script that WB bought from David Dobkins last year, was put on hold from development late last year out of spiralling budget concerns – the film was looking to come in at around $130m to produce where WB only wanted to spend $110m to make it.

Well it seems the show might be back on the rails with the studio looking at Colin Farrell for a lead role and Gary Oldman being offered the role of Merlin. (He was originally offered the same role when WB bought the script but turned it down).

In the first incarnation of the project Kit Harrington and Joel Kinnaman were to play the titular roles.

With the runaway success of GAME OF THRONES, the impending smash that THE HOBBIT will be and the strength in known brands ARTHUR & LANCELOT looks set to become a winner for WB.