24 Movie Put On Hold!

The Jack Bauer Power Hour Movie ain’t happening anytime soon as FOX pulled the plug on the production yesterday. Citing budget concerns, deadline reports that FOX wanted to make the film on a $30 million price tag and the film makers were wanting in the range of $45m – $60m. FOX’s method was to bring in production costs to a minimum and then pay reward amounts on the basis of the films performance. Mike Fleming had this to say:

The studio’s proposal, made a couple weeks ago, wasn’t addressed until this week, and when the crap hit the fan yesterday, the studio felt there wasn’t enough time to pull the picture off in seven weeks of prep. The studio was following its experience with X-Files, a TV property turned into a hit film, but made at a cautious budget. I’m told that [Antoine] Fuqua’s deal hadn’t been made yet [for directing]. Sutherland, Imagine and Fuqua stood to reap up to about 25% of the proceeds after breakeven, to make up for the low upfront payments. I reached out for comment to Sutherland and Imagine this morning, but no one returned yet.

Sorry to say it 24 fans but once it gets going again you’ll be the first to know!