BBC America Are Adapting SBS Australia ‘Go Back To Where You Came From’

The SBS TV Show GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM pitted 6 Australians to explore the life of a refugee and expose the realities of immigration and what its like for people caught in that situation.

The show was a runaway hit in home town Oz and sparked much debate and keen interest on a subject that is so hotly debated here – Refugees.

Well it seems the show is destined for bigger things with BBC America coming on board to develop their own version of the hit series and according to Variety & Indiewire:

SBS Australia has also set deals with TV2 Denmark and Keshet Broadcasting for Israel, while Tuvalu Media, Studio Hamburg DocLights, Snowman Productions and Curious Pictures have all signed on for the option to produce local versions of Go Back in the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and South Africa respectively, according to Variety.