Takashi Miike Sets His Eyes On ‘Lesson Of The Evil’ (Aku No Kyoten)

Takashi Miike is a Japanese film making legend – if you didn’t see last years 13 ASSASSINS you truly missed out. It was in my top 5 for the year as it showcased all the elements a great film needs – meaty story, beautiful photography and stunning performance … and an epic 45 final battle scene that outclasses anything Hollywood has done in decades.

Well the man is probably the most prolific film maker out of the country and he’s full steam ahead on his next film LESSON OF THE EVIL – a graphic novel adaptation which will see him re-team with his SUKIYAKI WESTERN DJANGO star Hideaki Ito.

Punch Drunk Critics describe LESSON OF THE EVIL (Aku NO Kyoten) as:

 the story follows Hasumi Seiji, a smiling and beloved high school teacher hiding that he is a really a psychopath. When various problems, such as bullying and poor behavior, begin to run rampant in the school, he decides the best way to handle it is to kill off his students one by one.