Danny Strong Hired To Write Dan Brown’s ‘The Lost Symbol’ Into A Screenplay

Outskies are David Koepp & Akiva Goldsman for this instalment of the Robert Langdon films. Tom Hanks will most likely come back, hell he got $50 million for ANGELS & DEMONS and you could easily bet a good $20m+ for THE DaVINCI CODE so it’s a golden carrot indeed.

The hiring of Danny Strong is a confident one as he is one of the key writers of MAD MEN and he also wrote RECOUNT and the upcoming HBO political biopic GAME CHANGE. It suggests to me that they want to get some sprite and zappiness into the screenplay (Koepp came in on ANGELS & DEMONS to spice up AKIVA GOLDSMAN’s draft) and get some energetic characters happening. That’s a me thought – it could be that he costs about one tenth of what the major screenwriters do and is a stronger adapter of novels.

No word on director or casting yet but its full steam ahead for THE LOST SYMBOL!

THE LOST SYMBOL takes place after THE DaVINCI CODE where Robert Langdon is summoned by his friend to Washington to give a lecture at the Smithsonian Institute and bring a small package he has never opened but was entrusted with years earlier. But of course it all goes pear shaped when it turns out the summons comes from a kidnapper and not his friend. Then its all hip hop and ballyhoo, with a smart damsel in tow, big nasty Freemasons and a 14 foot replica big bird that kills people by farting on them. Turns out the bad guy is none other that Marg Helgenberger  (I mean did you see her in Erin Brokovich?) and Madonna’s 2008 unforgivably awful, punishable by death album HARD CANDY.

Ok I might’ve taken a bit of creative license there but hey mine sounds cool!