Aza’s 2 Line Review – Project X – Irresponsibly Brilliant. An Epic White Trash Teen F*ck You Spectacular!

Ferris Bueller this ain’t. Yeah all the characters aren’t really characters but random scene exchanges – they don’t gel, they’re not really likeable at all (especially Kosta – one of the most unlikeably arrogant celluloid personas ever) and they barely have a through line. But that’s not the point of PROJECT X at all.

What is the point? It’s about taking suburban white middle class America and trashing it completely. And it does it in style.

It’s offensive, it’s very funny, it’s totally full of that nihilistic arrogance that Todd Phillips has in all his films, there’s an underlying nastiness to it, there’s loads of teenage breasts, drug taking, drinking and hell there’s even a flying dog.

But it’s EPIC – it doesn’t hold back and it goes for it hook , line and sinker. And for that it’s a must see from me.