‘I, Frankenstein’ Commenced Production In Melbourne Today!

The Aaron Eckhart, Miranda Otto & Bill Nighy starrer I, FRANKENSTEIN has begun production here in Melbourne today under the direction of TOMORROW WHEN THE WAR BEGAN director Stuart Beattie.

The synopsis: Based on the graphic novel – An unlikely hero comes to the aid of humankind as a race of supernatural creatures look to take over the Earth. – thanks IMDB.com

Variety expands on previous plot descriptions of the film, saying that the Frankenstein monster, Adam, is being hunted down by demons that want to “learn the secret of his creation in order to build an army of reanimated corpse demons,” and that Nighy’s villain is the “demon prince” tasked with tracking down Adam. – thanks Popcornmonster!

You can expect to see the film roll into cinemas in 2013.