Aza’s 2 Line Review – The Interrupters – A Powerful Documentary On A Society Rife With Violence & Those That Fight For Hope. Unmissable!

Staggered that this didn’t get Oscar attention it so rightly deserves. THE INTERRUPTERS is a perfect example of why I love the documentary medium more than any other. Telling the story of the Violence Interrupters in Chicago, a group of American American men and women who insert themselves into the most dangerous suburbs of the city to diffuse gang violence, this documentary is in turns terrifying, heart breaking, shocking and eye opening.

This is an unflinching look at a subculture of American society that, when stripped back from all that lingo and posturing, is man at his most animalistic. And with this animalistic behaviour comes a toll that is not only in body count but in destroyed lives, broken hearts and devastated communities. What’s worse still it’s all so senseless. Of course, everything is about the pursuit of money and status, people’s lives are shattered in graphically inhumane ways (violence, drugs, abject poverty) and whilst we Australians, safe from the comfort of our lounge rooms, watch as Hollywood glamorise it – the reality is so much more potent and horrifying.

Insert THE INTERRUPTERS here as they relentless try to talk people down from violence and lives of crime. It’s remarkable to watch these guys and gals throw themselves directly in the centre of communities that are imploding and try and impart some sense.

This truly is essential viewing – I was staggered by this and couldn’t take my eyes off it.

Put this on your MUST SEE list.