Aussie FTA Top Ten TV Ratings Monday February 27, 2012

1 MY KITCHEN RULES-MON Network 7 1,842,000 
2 REVENGE Network 7 1,799,000 
3 THE BIG BANG THEORY Network 9 1,344,000 
4 SEVEN NEWS Network 7 1,254,000 
5 NINE NEWS Network 9 1,136,000 
6 ABC NEWS-EV Network ABC1 1,077,000
7 TODAY TONIGHT Network 7 1,051,000 
8 THE BIG BANG THEORY -MON Network 9 1,047,000
9 A CURRENT AFFAIR Network 9 1,046,000 
10 HOME AND AWAY Network 7 1,036,000

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MY KITCHEN RULES – boom what a figure!

All hail REVENGE which continues its dominance as the #1 drama in the country.

Sadly, The Oscars didn’t even make a dent – it didn’t even register in the Top 20 for the day which means it scored less the 600,000 viewers. Stateside the telecast was on par with 2011 for ratings on the dwindling telecast. I think it’s time to take the show back to the drawing board and totally revamp it. Much like Madonna’s endless bids to stay culturally relevant, the Oscars are at a turning point – should they continue to be televised? Does anyone really care? What do you think?