Aerosmith Are Back In The Studio – New Album & A New Tour

Steve Tyler spoke with Rolling Stone’s Steve Baltin and has said:

“We’ve been in the studio for the last month,”

“We’re gonna have a vintage sound, ’cause we’re going to tape and a lot of good things like that,” said Tyler. “We’re keeping tracks lean, not a lot of overdubs, and like I said, we’re using Jack (Douglas – Producer) to his fullest. So you’re gonna hear some stuff where you might think Aerosmith’s back.”

“I’m having such a good time writing again,” he said. “You got the songs right now where they’re like shells, with no lyrics and no melody, and I get to fill in the blanks like I did with ‘Back in the Saddle’ when it was just a track.”

In even more good news for Aerosmith fans, the band will be hitting the road this summer. “June 18th it starts,” Tyler said. “So spread the word.”

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