Aza’s 2 Line Review – Contraband – A Solid Action Thriller. The Man On Man Hugging Is Out Of Control!

Mark Wahlberg is a leading man, there’s no doubt, he just has a presence on screen that holds an audience. He’s been making great decision after great decision for years now and has cemented himself as an A lister in Hollywood. CONTRABAND, the remake of the Swedish film Reykjavik-Rotterdam, is another solid step forward as it solidifies Wahlberg as an actor that can open a film on his name.

The film opened to No 1 in the U.S. and has done the same here.

A New Orleans set twisted thriller of an ex-smuggler who gets put on one last job to clear the debt of his brother in law goes from small town dirty to cross continental ludicrous.

For all its twists and turns (and there’s plenty!) there is an insistence of over exerted masculinity all the way through – it’s all tough talk, even from the 2 women in the entire show and everything’s about trust and family etc etc

It’s a solid entertainment that’s 2nd half is far tighter than the opening with Wahlberg anchored by a great array of talent in Ben Foster, Giovanni Ribisi (whose probably a bit cartoonish) and the ever brilliant J.K. Simmons.

The strangest and most entertaining piece of the film is the amount of MAN ON MAN hugging going on – everyone gets hugs and kisses all the way through – oh its macho hards slaps and tight muscle flexing embraces. And there’s lots of it. LOTS OF IT.They should’ve thrown in some ass slaps!


CONTRABAND is in Australian Cinemas everywhere now.