A Stack Of New Albums Coming This Year From Some Amazing Artists! Who’s Your Fave?

Just went for a cruise through the music media to get some info on who has a new album coming out in this year of our yodelling chicken 2012 – Well there’s a stack and here’s but a list of a few:

SOMETHING FOR KATE – Since Echolalia and The Official Fiction made them bigger than Bathurst several years ago S4K have been pretty quiet. Dempsey released a solo album and now the crew are back for another outing. 

GERSEY – One of Melbourne’s finest musical acts are back at it again jamming up some new tunes which hopefully we’ll see this year!

SMASHING PUMPKINS – OCEANIA – Well it’s more Billy Corgan and 3 kids but the name carries on. Whilst we’re currently going through a remastered re-release of their back catalog, Corgan and the kids are releasing an album of new stuff mid year. There’s heaps of downloadable free stuff from their website from the TEARGARDEN BY KALEIDASCOPE venture (Owata, Tom Tom, Stitch In Time stand out)

THE KILLERS – Up for the 3rd album now and I’ve yet to see these actually deliver a complete album – Sam’s Town and Hot Fuzz to me were extended EP’s with a couple of good tracks and 8 or 9 fillers. Come on Killers hit a home run.

THE PRESETS – Look its THE PRESETS – the name alone should inspire some interest? Bring it on.

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN – WRECKING BALL – The man’s a legend and at his age to be pumping out another rock album gets a thumbs up from me.

THE XX – yep those wunderkind are back for a follow up to their debut album.

REGINA SPEKTOR -WHAT WE SAW FROM THE CHEAP SEATS – She’s a class act good ol’ Reggie!

FRANZ FERDINAND – I always got these guys confused with THE KILLERS. Saddle up boys, bring on something to set you apart!

THE AVALANCHES – How could you not get into these guys?

MAZZY STAR – Couldn’t name a song of theirs even if I tried! Sorry!

SLASH -Former Gunners Man, Velvet Revolver Axxer and now horror film maker – he’s still got it!!

MUSE – Best news I’ve heard all day!

MUMFORD & SONS – Grab your cardigans boys lets get mellow and passive aggressive!

SIGUR ROS – Its been a long time coming – I”m ready for an emotionally engaging musical odyssey!

METALLICA -I hope this new album will rip my f*cking head off! They need a make good on LULU. Big Time!

RUFUS WAINWRIGHT – OUT OF THE GAME – Again wouldn’t know a song of his if you smashed me over the head with a chair but I know people that adore him

SANTIGOLD – MASTER OF MY MAKE BELIEVE – Let’s tear up that dance floor!!

KYUSS – Their in the studio now!!

SOUNDGARDEN – I get tingles!!!

THE MARK OF CAIN – SONGS OF THE THIRD AND FIFTH – This Aussie outfit are awesome! Get ready to rock!

GARBAGE – NOT YOUR KIND OF PEOPLE – Garbage are back??? Sorry I hadn’t really missed them at all.

QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE – You know you love em!

THE MARS VOLTA – Ballsy rock a’comin!