New Anthology Movie – Sydney Unplugged (Russell Crowe, Toni Collette, Alex Proyas)

No it’s not a spin off of Baz Luhrmann’s film (?) AUSTRALIA…

Much like PARIS, JE T’AIME and  NEW YORK, I LOVE YOU where a bunch of celebrity film makers and stars got together and made small, mostly annoying, vignettes about the aforementioned cities and then tacked them altogether SYDNEY UNPLUGGED is getting the same treatment with a wall of Aussie bred stars:

  • ANTHONY LaPAGLIA (Without A Trace, Balibo)
  • TONI COLLETTE (The United States Of Tara, Muriel’s Wedding)
  • RUSSELL CROWE (He’s actually a New Zealander but lives here, Gladiator, Romper Stomper)
  • LIEV SCHRIEBER (He’s American but married to Naomi Watts, Scream 1 – 3, Salt)
  • ALEX PROYAS (Director – The Crow, Dark City)
  • DAVID MICHOD (Director – Animal Kingdom)
  • IVAN SEN (Director – Toomelah, Beneath Clouds)
  • JOHN CURRAN (He was born in New York but we claimed him, Director – Praise, The Painted Veil)
  • KIERAN DARCY-SMITH (Animal Kingdom, The Square)
  • RACHEL WARD (Director – Beautiful Kate)
  • RAY LAWRENCE (Director – Lantana, Jindabyne)

So Sydney time to dust of your party dress and put your best shoes on – you’re on show!

SYDNEY Truly Is A Gorgeous City!