I Got Mauled By A Kodiak Bear Last Night To Bring You These 14 L’il Film & TV Tidbits!

  1. Taylor Kinney to star in new TV Series CHICAGO FIRE with is centred around, and I can’t believe it either, Chicago firefighters
  2. Chris Hayes, Gabreila Dias and Scott Campbell have joined the cast of KILLING ANGELS set in the seedy underworld of the sex trade.
  3. THE AMAZING RACE new season opens stronger than the 2011 predecessor
  4.  A Piracy study by Brett Danaher of Wellesley College and Joel Waldfogel at the University of Minnesota and the National Bureau of Economic Research has suggested that online piracy has a negligible effect on Box Office
  5. Lindsay Lohan is set to host SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE on March 3, 2012
  6. Brian O’Byrne lands role in ABC Drama pilot GILDED LILY’S set in 1895 – its an epic romantic drama
  7. KONG, an animated feature based on KING KONG, is being developed at FOX with director Shawn Levy
  8. THE DEVIL YOU KNOW – a family comedy novel – is being adapted into a film. A family trades in a devil that plagues their house for a mysterious imp woman who turns out to be even worse
  9. FANCY NANCY, the series of children’s books, are on their way to the big screen ala DIARY OF A WIMPY KID style
  10. MY OWN PRIVATE RIVER, the James Franco film follow up to MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO made up of out takes from the original film, most likely won’t get a DVD release.
  11. Orlando Bloom & Djimon Honsou set to star in ZULU
  12. David Michod, Alex Proyas, Toni Collette, Russell Crowe and Antony LaPaglia all set to direct segments of Anthology movie SYDNEY UNPLUGGED
  13. Antonio Banderas signs on for Pablo Picasso role in Carlos Saura’s ’33 Days’
  14. Toby Truslove, Barry Crocker, Katherine Hicks and Patrick Brammall all began work on the new ABC comedy series THE STRANGE CALLS in Queensland yesterday