Aza’s 2 Line Review – Weekend – A Contemporary Gay Film That Actually Steps Outside Its Genre. A Love Story For Everyone.

I’m bias, about WEEKEND, I am totally bias. I think WEEKEND is the best gay film I’ve seen since SHELTER & BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN and is quite possibly the best romance I’ve seen. And the reason why i love it is because it transcends the confines of the gay stereotypes in cinema and puts forward two people connecting. Yeah it’ll challenge some viewers but if you want a glimpse on what its really like to be gay in modern society I think this slice of life is pretty hard to beat. Effortlessly performed by Tom Cullen & Chris New I’d challenge anyone – straight or gay – to not identify with some of the conversations had here. Director Andrew Haigh has set a new benchmark in cinema with this little gem and I implore you to see it.

Its intimate. its observational, its funny, its sexy and more importantly – it’s honest…

It’s won too many awards to list and was one of the best reviewed films of 2011 and there is a reason.

WEEKEND is currently in limited release around the country.