Aza’s 2 Line Review – The Inbetweeners Movie – A Blast. A Balls Out, Ridiculous Comedy That Stays True To Its Source!

There’s little wonder why this grossed like 42 million pound in the U.K. and why Screen Australia and the film makers of Australia need to sit up and take note – here’s a film that plays to its youth, identifies with adult males for their cheeky youth and lets women get their own back from teenagers to adults. This is low brow stuff, but THE INBETWEENERS never asserted itself to be anything but – its thge modern day PORKYS and it works effortlessly. I pissed myself laughing all the way through this and deservedly so – If only Australian film makers identified that market here…

The reality is, outside of the sex comedy that THE INBETWEENERS is, this film has engendered the British teen population to trust in their local content – that their local industry not only identifies with them but delivers an entertainment that they are satisfied with. The flow on effect of this is that this audience will continue to go to the cinema and, as they grow up, will take their families etc and thus ensuring the industry has longevity. I know that sounds rather deep – but have a look at what we produce locally – we rarely, if ever, look at our biggest audience to sustain our industry. We have to get em young – get em believing they can have a rollicking good time in Aussie cinema and we’ll have em for life.

Sorry bout that – but go THE INBETWEENERS MOVIE – you’re a cracker and deserve to win!!