Waiting To Exhale 2: Getting To Happy Going Ahead!

The WAITING TO EXHALE sequel has actually been in development for a little while now with original director Forest Whitaker set to come back and direct it. Now that one of the originals principle stars has gone down for a well earned dirt nap FOX is now pushing forward with the project

Entitled GETTING TO HAPPY, the film is based on the 2010 follow up novel by Terry MacMillan and the team at FOX are on the hunt for writers to adapt the book.

No official word has been announced on casting or who might take the role as immortalised by Whitney Houston but the rumour mill is spinning and none other than Oprah Winfrey seems to be the hot favourite. As long as Angela Bassett, who should also play Whitney Houston if they ever do a biopic on her, gets to her groove on then all is good in the lowdownunder.