Alan Partridge Movie To Shoot Mid Year For 2013 Release!

Yep the mighty Steve Coogan is donning the Partridge cape again and is preparing to shoot a new film starring his much famed character. Alan Partridge is possibly one of the most uncomfortably hilarious TV Chat show host creations ever. The playlist reports:

In the works for a while, Coogan revealed last year that his longtime friends and collaborators Pete Baynham(“Borat“) and Armando Ianucci (“Into The Loop“) were working on the screenplay. Well, Coogan was recently profiled in an excellent piece in the Hollywood Issue of Vanity Fair (print edition, not online) and revealed that it will go in front of cameras this summer for a 2013 release and even more, he teased a bit about the plot. “…there’s quite a large event in a small town. And Alan is not the protagonist. He’s…an unwilling participant.” The project is currently without a studio or production company, but given the popularity of the character, landing a deal likely won’t be a problem and it has allowed Coogan, Baynham and Ianucci to work on it without any interference. “It’s been great when Armando and Steve and I have been together,” Coogan said. “Everyone’s laughing, everyone’s doing Alan. Three Alans in a room — torture, really.”

ALAN PARTRIDGE can currently be found in webisode form at “Mid Morning Matters”