Michael Bay’s “Pain & Gain” Locks In Mark Wahlberg & Dwayne Johnson & He’s Up For Transformers 4!

In a win for pretty much everybody here, the next Paramount/Michael Bay venture, the boxing comedy “Pain & Gain”, has come in with a budget of $25m. To put that in perspective Mark Wahlberg could’ve easily asked for $20m for his participation considering the solid performances of his last few films (Contraband, The Fighter) and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson could’ve happily asked for high figures when last weeks Journey 2 opened to a $30m weekend. Then add Michael Bay… They’ve saved well over $100m on talent fees alone!

It’s also guaranteed that Michael Bay will direct TRANSFORMERS 4. This instalment won’t be shot back to back with a 5th part as previously suggested and MichaelBay.com reports ”[Transformers 4]…will bring audiences a new take on the Transformers franchise” based on the Hasbro toyline.

PAIN & GAIN will release in 2013.

TRANSFORMERS 4 will release in 2014.