Looking Back – The End Of The Road – Boyz II Men – A #1 Hit. A Song By A Psycho!

Getting past the clothes they wore is a feat all its own but getting past the lyrics to this #1 smash from Boyz II Men that was featured in the Eddie Murphy film ‘Boomerang’ is pretty hard to get by. Basically this is a song about a pschotic sociopath who is stalking his ex in a delusional manifestation trying to win her back. Written by Kenneth Edmonds, Antonio Reid & Daryl Simonds. (With my assumed recipient response)

Girl you know we belong together (… and you’ve tied me to a chair and holding me at gunpoint?)
I don’t have time for you to be playing with my heart like this (playing with your heart? I dumped your stoopid ass)
You’ll be mine forever baby (..spoken like a true overly possessive psycho)
You just wait (Wait.. was that a threat?)

We belong together (be thankful you don’t have pets at this point)
And you know that I am right (well, yeah you’ve got a knife to my throat)
Why do you play with my heart? (In a hope that you’ll self harm?)
Why do you play with my mind? (Umm, because your f*cking psychotic and I left you 2 years ago… in prison… where you belong)

Said we’d be forever (No I didn’t – I said you should be committed forever Nutbag)
Said it’d never die (Again, selective hearing, said if I stay I’ll die)
How could you love me and leave me and never
Say goodbye? (pretty easy, I really don’t like it when my boyfriend watches me while I’m at working freakazoid)

When I can’t sleep at night (Red Bull is not a replacement for water)
Without holding you tight (or in human terms SUFFOCATION)
Girl, each time I try I just break down and cry (yeah.. crying out for your mother, like every time that 1 minute and 7 seconds you called sex)
Pain in my head (that’s not love, that’s a tumour)
Oh, I’d rather be dead (morbid much?)
Spinning around and around (well that’ll just make you dizzy, look like Michael Jackson and make you throw up)

Although we’ve come
To the end of the road (YES 2 F*CKING YEARS AGO)
Still I can’t let go (You’re telling me!)
It’s unnatural (Correct)
You belong to me (Umm no I don’t)
I belong to you (Dear God I hope not)
Although we’ve come
To the end of the road (Yep we’ve covered this)
Still I can’t let go (I can reach for the tazer)
It’s unnatural (It’s emotional retardation)
You belong to me (say that again and I’ll knee cap you)
I belong to you (Just got word in from God – no you don’t)

Girl, I know you really love me (Is that because I’m hand cuffed, gagged and tied to a chair?)
You just don’t realize (oh, right, my mistake this is romantic!)
You’ve never been there before (Yeah psychotic infatuation was never a real interest for me – call me vanilla)
It’s only
Your first time (Oh honey this ain’t my first time! You ain’t so special)

Maybe I’ll forgive you (You better hope I don’t reach that chainsaw)
Maybe you’ll try (To escape, yes. To have you arrested, guaranteed.)
We should be happy together forever (What’s wrong with you???)
You and I (You mean You, You, You, You, You, and You and however many other personalities are in there with you)

Will you love me again (Dude, your fashion sense killed it the first time, the male moo moo will never be in)
Like you loved me before (No chance, I didn’t really love you then, you just had a hot car and a commodore 64)
This time I want you to love me much more (Yeah and I’m thinking of two figures – 25 to life)
This time instead (Instead of what? Jeffrey Dahmer?)
Just come to my bed (Eww IKEA special – no chance)
And baby just don’t let me go (Drink the Koolaid!)


Girl, I’m here for you
All those times at night
When you just hurt me
And just ran out with that other fella
Baby I knew about it
I just didn’t care
You just don’t understand how much I love
Do you?
I’m here for you

Okay that entire verse there is the most delusion bit of lyric writing ever.. The guy I ran out with was a police officer – my God you’re worse than Jennifer Jason Leigh!

I’m not about to go out on cheat you (Yeah well you kinda can’t when you’re in a Psych ward buddy!)
(Maybe I’ll forgive you) (Umm, yeah don’t care)
Just like you did (I don’t recall forgiving you)
But baby that’s alright
I love you anyway (Geez get over it)
(Maybe you will try) (No I won’t)
And I’m still going to be here for you until my dying day (which, if this song goes on any longer will be the dawn of time)
(We should be happy together forever)
Right now
I’m just in so much pain (well that’s what you get for having EAT PRAY LOVE as your favourite movie)
‘Cause you just won’t come back to me (Bang on I won’t you totally damaged man)
(You and I) (You and your medication)
Will you?
Just come back to me (once again. No.)

(Lonely) (Loonie)
Yes baby, my heart is lonely (Loonie)
(Lonely) (Loonie)
My heart hurts baby (Poor diddums)
(Lonely) (Loonie)
Yes, I feel pain too (Loonie)
Baby please (LOONIE!!)

This time instead just come to my bed (I F*CKING TOLD YOU – I K  E  A !! – NO F*CKING CHANCE!)
And baby just don’t let me go (I can’t do anything I’m tied to a chair)

[Chorus: x2]


Seriously the lyrics to this song are OUT OF CONTROL!