Who Is DJ Dan Wilson?

Well howdy Lowdowners I tend to prattle on a bit about moofies more than anything but my true greatest love is music – even better is the day when you find from out of nowhere (and I say that knowing that I am generally incredibly late to the game on most artists) an artist just knocks you off your feet. Such an artist is DJ Dan Wilson.

Hailing from Melbourne, Dan has been a fixture on the DJ scene in Australia for 5 years now and his signature euphoric trance sets have become something of legend. His name is synonymous with fans and industry pundits alike for delivering energetic, pumping and uplifting sets that can range anywhere from 45 mins – 5 hours. He’s the go-to guy for club trance beats and he’s also one of the nicest guys around.

I became fortunate to meet the man behind the decks on the night that I was devirginated to his mixing – and in the ensuing days we got into a fairly lengthy discussion about music – his passion and entusiasm for it was nothing short of infectious. I never listened to trance prior to September 2011 (which is when I first heard Wilson play) and from that gig and our ensuing conversation I’m as convinced on its pleasures as he is.

Wilson is also one of those rare DJ’s that is constantly watching the crowd, he takes you on the musical journey by reading off you, the night he decks he’s in the mix with you – feeding off you to drive the set. In an age where a lot of DJ’s just rock up, put a cd or two on and hit random, Wilson keeps his sounds unique, inspired and organic. And never has any gig he’s performed been the same.

If you’ve not explored trance and how much fun it can be DJ DAN WILSON is a great place to start – better still he’s AUSTRALIAN! And even better still.. If you keep your eyes peeled.. You can catch him live too!

Check him out here:


And download his podcasts (all 30 of them!!!) at iTunes / Dj dan wilson


https://www.facebook.com/djdanwilson – STALK HIM NOW!