Alex Proyas’ ‘Paradise Lost’ Scrapped By Legendary Pictures.

The big budget action bonanza adaptation of John Milton’s famous poem that was set to shoot in Sydney under the direction of Aussie Alex Proyas (The Crow, Knowing, I, Robot) has been scrapped by production house Legendary Pictures. The movie had cast Bradley Cooper as Satan and was about to get under way when the studio canned the project due to budgeting constraints.

Legendary had been trying to get the spiralling budget under $120 million but couldn’t make it work – the cost prohibitive aspects including a huge visual effects budget (essentially every set piece would’ve been a visual effect enhanced stage) – and the decision was made to shelve the project.

This isn’t the first time films have been shelved right before production and then re-ignited later down the track. The most recent film this happened to was MONEYBALL. Warner Bros CATWOMAN sat in ‘turnaround’ for over a decade before the Village Roadshow Pictures picked that up and ran with Halle Berry in the lead. AMERICAN GANGSTER was also shelved shortly before production and then was revised and shot under Ridley Scott.

PARADISE LOST will be back in the future – all hope is not lost!