The End Of ‘House’ Is Here

After 8 Seasons HOUSE will be put to rest. This current season, airing in the States at the moment, will be the final one for the Hugh Laurie medical drama on FOX.

This was the final contracted season for the lead actor, who would’ve needed to renew his deal with the studio. When renewals for other key cast in recent years fell through (Lisa Edelstein left the show when her salary negotiations fell apart) due to FOX trying to cap talent salaries (a problem all popular TV shows face) it was decided yesterday to finish the show.

Recently, salary negotiations almost stalled DEXTER and BROTHERS & SISTERS also got shelved due to skyrocketting production costs and low ratings.

There’s no-one to blame here – just the realisation that production costs and ratings returns on the show don’t match and therefore it doesn’t make business sense to keep going.

This announcement comes early to allow the shows creators to write a fitting end for the characters of the much loved show.