Sigur Ros Announce New Tour Starting In September 2012 !!!!

Sigur Ros, possibly the most celebrated Icelandic musical export, have announced that they will be playing Bestival at the Isle Of Wight on September 9, 2012. A new album from the band has been long in the works and this new tour date is apparently the first of many! If you’ve not experienced the beauty that is Sigur Ros check out the track attached then go and buy their entire back catalogue as they are beyond amazing.

If they are playing your city or a festival near you – go! They put on a show unlike any other band on the planet… Blow your mind stuff! These guys invented their own language “Hopelandic” for their music!

PLAY THE TRACK – MEO SUO I EYRUM – Seriously it’s spectacular!

..and yes SIGUR ROS is one of my favourite bands in the whole wide world.