Aza’s 2 Line Review – Chronicle – A Little Cracker. A Found Footager That Establishes Characters Before The Carnage!

The little film that could indeed! CHRONICLE is by no means a masterpiece but what it does it does really well. The found footage story of 3 teenagers who are inexplicably endowed with superpowers deftly keeps it all small town intimate, to the films major advantage, and develops the relationships between the 3 key players. Proceedings get out of control of course, the last 20 minutes is insanely over the top, but its all in the spirit of the movie. At 84 minutes the film flies by and I can guarantee there’ll be more in this new franchise. It’s teeny, it’s silly, but its so much fun and thank god they spent some time developing the characters as it adds an extra dynamic most films of this ilk don’t have.

And its great to see SEATTLE on show!

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