New Trailer – The Most Fun You Can Have Dying

A new film from the Land Of The Great White Cloud:

The film is an audacious love story written and directed by debut feature filmmaker Kirstin Marcon. It stars Matt Whelan (My Wedding and Other Secrets, Go Girls), Roxane Mesquida (Rubber, Kaboom, À ma sœur!), and Pana Hema-Taylor (Boy, Spartacus). It is based on the novel ‘Seraphim Blues’ by Steven Gannaway.

Michael has life pretty sweet. His girlfriend adores him, his best mate David is loyal to the end, and David’s girlfriend doesn’t mind a quick hook-up either.

But his self-regarding lifestyle comes crashing down when he finds out he has just a few months to live. Desperate to live fast, Michael steals the $200,000 raised for his treatment, and catches a one-way flight to London.

Everything changes when he meets the ethereal Sylvie; a beautiful French drifter.