New Fan Film – Raiding The Lost Ark

Jamie Benning has exhaustively pieced together archival footage, interviews, press kits and behind the scenes footage of ‘RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK’ and has created a full feature film in honour of a film he loves. My thansk to collider for the link – here’s Jamie in his own words:

Thanks to the coverage Star Wars Begins [Benning’s previous filmumentary] had received since February 2011, as well as a very generous group of Indy fans, this project has been far more collaborative than my previous efforts. Fans have sent me videos, stills, comic books, details and offers to create animations and even artwork for postcards and posters. I am eternally grateful to them and they all feature on a quite extensive Raiding credits roll.

Raiding has taken ten months to complete. My close friends and family thought I was mad to embark on something so soon after completing my own Star Wars trilogy (of sorts). But having ‘come out’ to so many friends and colleagues, and having made so many contacts, it seemed like an opportunity to prove that the filmumentary format could work for another classic blockbuster in my top five film list. Raiding is the culmination of hundreds of hours of work: researching, interviewing, editing, tweaking and agonising.