Aza’s 2 Line Review – Simon Birch (1998) – A Tearjerker Of The Highest Order. Wrapped In A Bun Of Good Old Godliness.

You know I flat out shouldn’t watch these movies, its not that I don’t get sucked in, its that I DO. You know we all got that list of films that you can only watch by yourself because you turn into a blithering idiot the whole way through it – well SIMON BIRCH is one of those to me. I saw this back in 1998 when it released in cinemas and the James Newton Howard score coupled with the ultimate saccharine drenched script from Mark Steven Johnson meant that I didn’t stand a chance. The story of a boy born with stunted growth in 1960’s America as told through the eyes of his best friend is gonna dish you up with sentimentality, nostalgia, good times and a very blatant Christian message.

Based on the novel ‘A Prayer For Owen Meaney’ by John Irving, a story which the author thought could not be made into a film and told the studio to change the title and character names when he sold the rights, it doesn’t hide what it’s trying to be and it succeeds in ticking all the boxes. Get your tissues handy team…


SIMON BIRCH is out now on DVD. (If you can find it!)