Aza’s 2 Line Review – The Help – There’s A Lot Of Help Here. A Robust, Full Bodied All Female Melodrama.

THE HELP is an Oscar Bait Movie. Hands down. Tackling racism and oppression of Black housemaids in the 1960’s Mississippi, the film is based on the best selling book by Kathryn Stockett and has been adapted and directed by Tate Taylor. The films message is a righteous and moral one, everyone should be treated as equals, and it’s forced onto you in the disguise of industrious and effervescent women facing their own set of circumstances. But that’s okay, the film is designed to manipulate you and it’s a sweet manipulation with a worthy message.

This is melodrama of the highest order, luckily anchored by 3 very solid performances in Viola Davis (wildcard Oscar), Octavia Spencer (guaranteed Oscar) and Jessica Chastain.

The only problem I had with this solid entertainment is that it is achingly long and it becomes more over the top in the performances of the white cast as it presses on. At nearly 150 minutes, with the last 20 minutes of it showcasing about 5 endings it lessens the impact of the throughline, THE HELP is a full serving of melodrama all nicely dressed in 1960’s kitsch.

THE HELP is about to land on BLU RAY, DVD and DOWNLOAD next week in AUSTRALIA.