Aza’s 2 Line Review – Colombiana – A Psychologically Fractured Action Movie. High Body Count, No Morality, Ultra Stylised.

Zoe Saldana, yeah she’s the love interest tall blue smurf in AVATAR, takes on her first headliner in COLUMBIANA, a ruthless out-for-revenge actioner from the team that brought you TAKEN and the forthcoming English language remake of BRICK MANSIONS. Basic premise, cute colombian girl watches her parents get brutally murdered by the local drug cartel and ships herself off to her Uncle, another ruthless gang leader, in Chicago so she can grow up to become an assassin. LEON – THE PROFESSIONAL this ain’t. Yeah the violence and action sequences are all very stylised and well choreographed but there is an inherent nastiness to all of the proceedings. All the male dialogue is so outwardly machoistic and misogynistic along with there being a complete disrespect for life throughout. Your ‘heroine’ is in essence a pretty ruthless, acrobatic, cold blooded sociopath yet we are supposed to be rooting for her? This is the fracture I mention – I can’t empathise with a set of character who are murderers dressed as heroes. But you are expected to accept it – and if you do you’ll have a good time.

Outside of that, this is a pretty by the numbers actioner that’s handsomely shot – losts of gun battles and bullet holes – and if that’s what you are after then you won’t be let down here – but there’s nothing new either. A sexy girl killin’ alot of gangsters!

COLOMBIANA is out now on BLU RAY, DVD and Download.