Heatwave Music Festival Declared Insolvent

The common topic of discussion along the music industry hallways of the past few months has definitely been the viability and over proliferation of music festivals in Australia. Even here at the Lowdown we’ve discussed the Big Day Out calling it quits in NZ and just recently I saw that the Gold Coast BDO attendances were down. With walls and walls of music festivals happening all trying to secure the same or like artists and cramming their dates in and around each other something has got to give.

Well a casualty has come out in the form of the HEATWAVE HIP HOP FESTIVAL. The 3 day camping festival in Middleton SA, which was expected to draw crowds close to 5,000 actually garnered closer to 2,000. With speculation  of the festival not paying their bills etc, promotor Patrick Whyntie has stated:

“It’s not bankrupt it’s insolvent. A majority of suppliers have been paid. Artists have all be paid in FULL. The company is in voluntary administration and the administrators will deal with the remaining suppliers with funds from the Festival. We have taken this step to ensure correct procedure is followed. I am not the type of promoter who switches his phone off and buries his head in the sand. I have already covered an interview on many of the faults and am standing strong here to see this out. Your whole attitude is relishing the negatives, I will keep positive regardless and learn and grow.”

Rest assured this will be the first of many that we’ll see fall to the way side as rocketing venue hires, insurance premiums, ticket pricing, artist fees and shrinking audience sizes begin to permeate through the festival circuit.