New Trailer – A Man’s Story (Ozwald Boateng)

This from Slashfilm:

The fashion designer Ozwald Boateng doesn’t immediately elicit ooh’s and ahh’s from people salivating at the prospect of a full-length documentary on a man who knows how to sew a button well but I like this trailer for the way we enter this guy’s world. It’s one of privilege and high society but there’s that whiff of schadenfreude, that little chink in the armor, that shows us someone who’s successful who is just trying to keep it all together. And, from the looks of it, Varon Bonicos has made a documentary that makes fashion seem dramatic.

Boateng’s life seems to crumble a bit, in-between keeping the hoi polloi well dressed, and that’s what’s really engaging about watching this. You have someone who is no doubt driven by the spoils of success but we see what price this man has to pay for it. Yeah, if it was anyone else who I knew living the good life and his world started crashing around him I would probably take great delight in it but this trailer just positions everything in such a way as to make you care about this haberdasher to the stars. His story seems compelling and, to me, that’s enough to get my appetite whetted.