Opening In Cinemas Tomorrow 26 Jan 2012 – Weekend, J. Edgar, Underworld: Awakening, A Few Best Men

W E E K E N D – Andrew Haigh’s acclaimed observational love story releases in limited fashion across Australia tomorrow. The groundswell for this film has been nothing short of wonderful and the accolades for it keep rolling in! Don’t wait to see this – RUN RUN RUN!





J. EDGAR – Clint Eastwood’s biopic on the famous founder of the FBI as played by Leonardo DiCaprio in a career best.





UNDERWORLD AWAKENING 3D – Kate Beckinsale straps on the guns and the fangs for this 4th entry into the UNDERWORLD Series





A FEW BEST MEN – Stephan Elliot’s raucous Aussie/UK comedy comes bleating into cinemas!